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New release, Jan 19, 2018
Dingonek Street Band
Primal Economics

One of the really inspiring developments in this age of computer generated, rhythmically quantized music, has been the resurgence of brass bands playing every imaginable kind of music. Powered by human breath and muscle, they take us back even as they lead us forward.

Brooklyn-based, six piece Dingonek Street Band, led by trumpeter Bobby Spellman makes their entry with "Primal Economics." Influenced by Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astatke, Gangbé Brass Band, Ornette Coleman, Primus, Art Ensemble of Chicago, their debut recording shows strong, funky playing, distinctive material and an original style.

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Here's Dingonek playing
Brother and Sisters
15 Step by Radiohead

Live at Accurate Records:
Minibeast Meets Dingonek
Saturday, February 10

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Everybody who knows about them loves the Lookie Lookie bugalú parties at Accurate Records, but here's something musically quite different, for your enjoyment.

Minibeast is the latest project from Peter Prescott, drummer of Mission of Burma and leader of Volcano Sons. Here he fronts the three piece band on vocals, guitar and various other noisemaking devices. Peter describes the goal as "environmental rhythm music, ambient sound aquarium music with a pulse, with human messiness inside. anti cult of personality, a break from the rigid pop mind and verse chorus verse. can we listen in a different way?"

Dingonek Street Band is a Brooklyn-based, six-piece horn'n'drum band. Leader Bobby Spellman describes it as "a stronger primal force in avant-brass funkiness. Shaped by the music of Cryptozoology and our exploration of the universal roots of human jubilation, the Dingonek will serve to fuse Afrobeat, Ethio-jazz, post-bop, and New Orleans second line into a potent improvisatory musical brew."

Accurate Records just released their debut CD, "Primal Economics," on January 19.

Accurate honcho and Either/Orchestra-Lookie Lookie-RG3 leader Russ Gershon will be joining the fun with both bands, on various instruments, and a grand finale will include all.

Schedule of musical events TBD, doors open at 8.
Recent release: 

Down Beat Magazine Editor's Choice for June:

Pianist Joe Bushkin, who died in 2004 just shy of his 88th birthday, was a musician for whom success meant making other artists sound their best. A composer of sturdy melodies and bright, uplifting choruses, the longtime Benny Goodman Orchestra member wrote songs for the film and stage that had a peculiar knack for launching careers and making names. (One example: His song “Oh! Look At Me Now,” as recorded by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in 1941, would become the first official hit for a young vocalist named Francis Albert Sinatra.) 

Trumpeter Bob Merrill, who apprenticed with Bushkin toward the end of the pianist’s life, honors the elder composer’s subtle but substantial legacy on Tell Me Your Troubles, an homage crafted with heartfelt reverence and respect. Aside from his own expressive trumpet playing and singing, Merrill has enlisted a roster of talented contemporaries to provide wattage to the filaments of Bushkin’s work. Vocalist Kathryn Crosby—Bing’s second wife—provides graceful vocals on “Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin,” while guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli and trombonist Wycliffe Gordon trade jabs on “Boogie Woogie Blue Plate” and “Goin’ Back To Storyville.” And courtesy of an archived recording, Bushkin himself appears on piano on “Oh! Look At Me Now.” It’s one of many enlightening throwbacks on this nostalgic disc. 

Elsewhere, speeches and testimonies, including one by Sinatra himself, provide additional insight into a musician—and human being—of great warmth and quick wit. (An anecdote by comedian Red Buttons tells of a time Bing Crosby offered Bushkin a sleeping pill suppository. Bushkin’s response: “Bing, I was up all night, but my ass fell asleep!”) Endearing as those anecdotes are, it’s the compositions—and Merrill’s fidelity to them—that serve as the most enduring memorials to Bushkin’s wistful genius. - DownBeat Magazine Editors' Pick
Recent release:
Brian Carpenter & the Confessions
The Far End of the World

The debut album from Brian Carpenter and the Confessions finds the leader's weary yet melodic voice carrying timeless tales of lost love, memory and desire, wandering lyrically across an arid yet fertile American landscape. Melding styles from 50's balladry to reverb-drenched spaghetti western music, The Far End of the World will appeal to fans of music as diverse as Johnny Cash, Wilco and the Velvet Underground

Joined by violinist/singer Carla Kihlstedt of the Tin Hat Trio for many of the tracks, and backed by an ace crew of Boston musicians, the Florida-born Carpenter unfurls an eerie and seductive tapestry of sound and words in songs that seem less like they were written than they emerged from an imaginary, vivid landscape.

Carpenter's work as a trumpeter in a quite a different vein can be heard on three Accurate releases from the Ghost Train Orchestra.

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