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September 4 release:
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Bob Merrill
Cheerin' Up the Universe


John Medeski - Drew Zingg - Nikki Parrott
George Schuller - Russ Gershon
Vicente Lebron - Matthew Fries

special guests:

Roswell Rudd - Gabrielle Agachiko 
Harry Allen - John van Epps

Trumpeter/vocalist Merrill assembles stellar cast of musicians he has worked with in one setting or another since his teen years to play songs that have meant a lot to him over his decades in jazz. John Medeski brings his unique juju to the keyboards, Drew Zingg (w Boz Skaggs, Steely Dan) plays guitar, Nicki Parrott and George Schuller contribute bass and drums. Also Accurate Records honcho Russ Gershon appears on saxes and his Either/Orchestra bandmate Vicente Lebron mans the percussion. The incomparable Roswell Rudd adds his trombone on one track and Matthew Fries plays piano on several tracks.

The wide-rangeing program takes us from Bachrach to Pharoah Sanders, with stops for Randy Newman, Donald Fagen, Stevie Wonder, Pherell Williams and more.

Coming on October 2:
Brian Carpenter & the Confessions
The Far End of the World
Brian Carpenter has earned a national reputation as the bandleader, arranger and trumpeter for the Ghost Train Orchestra, specializing in creative updates of obscure early big band music. Accurate Records has released three amazing albums of their music.

Now, with the Confessions, Carpenter reveals a wildly different side of his music, as the singer and writer of haunting country rock songs.

The Far End of the World, Carpenter's weary yet melodic voice carries timeless tales of lost love, wandering lyrically across an arid yet fertile American landscape. He wields styles from 50's balladry to spaghetti western reverb-fests to a kind of psychedelic-goth-bluegrass, like a dust bowl refugee reaching for rusted iron tools as he gets ready to leave his farm for good.

Joined by violinist/singer Carla Kihlstedt of the Tin Hat Trio for many of the tracks, and backed by an ace crew of Boston musicians, the Florida-born Carpenter unfurls an eerie and seductive tapestry of sound and words in songs that sound like less like they were written than they emerged from the landscape.

Fans of music as diverse as Johnny Cash, Wilco and the Velvet Underground will find common cause at The Far End of the World...