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Listen To This plays electric Miles Davis 1969-75
Boston Harbor Distillery
Saturday, December 3 - 8 pm
tickets must be purchased by app or website
must be purchased by app or website

Eight piece band taking on some of the most revolutionary music of our lifetime.

Russ Gershon and Rick McLaughiln of the Either/Orchestra
Jerome Deupree of Morphine, E/O etc

Dave Bryant of Ornette Coleman's Prime Time

Rick Barry of Bim Skala Bim, Lookie Lookie

J. Johnson of Parlour Bells

Bryan Murphy of the Shills
& Todd Brunel at the bass clarinet...

Doors at 7
Music 8-10

Bugalú Saturday Night!

Lookie Lookie at the Boston Harbor Distillery
Saturday, February 4, 8-11:00 pm

Lookie Lookie and its fans have been looking for a place to recapture the Dionysian vibe of our Latin Bugalú parties from "before" times – in a safe, vaxxed-only setting.

We have found the joint: Boston Harbor Distillery.

Note: you have to buy your tickets in advance, no cash changes hands at the door. But you can do it on Eventbrite (i.e., on your phone), throughout the night.

Cocktails made from the Distillery's fine products are available, but alas, we can't include them in the ticket price. However, 100% of the ticket price goes to the eight members of Lookie.

Feel free to BYO food from home or a takeout place. You can also have food delivered to the Distillery. There are large, lovely tables where you can spread out your dinner or snacks.

Lookie plays Latin Bugalú, a late '60's blend of mambo, salsa and American pop. It's the mother lode of fun!

Lookie has four percussionists, three horns, bass – and lots of singing.

Doors open at 8 pm, sets at 8:30 and 10:00

Admission starts at $18, but we'll gladly accept more – there are eight of us.

"Just Kissed My Baby" to raise funds for the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic
I was invited to contribute a song video to Wolf's Virtual Mardi Gras Ball, an annual event, which premiered on Fat Tuesday, along with an array a fine contributions from musicians all over the country.

Mike Castellana of the great Blue Ribbons and many other bands plays guitars; I played all the other instruments and did the singing; Andy Plaisted mixed the track.

The Virtual Ball may be over, but you can still donate to the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic any time to help them with their great work.

Russ Gershon
The Quarry Dance IX film is now online here

Music by Russ Gershon

For the past eight years, the end of July has found me improvising music to accompany "Quarry Dance" at various locations on Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Dusan Tynek choreographs his dancers in a variety of setting around, on and sometimes inside of the beautiful rocks, trees and water found in these settings.

The 2020 challenge for Dusan and his dancers was to transform what have been in the past ensemble works performed in front of sizable in-person audiences into something safe and appropriate for pandemic times. With the help of videographer Anders Johnson, they created intimate takes within grand settings, using smaller groupings and and the power of the closeup.

Instead of improvising on a series of instruments in response to the dancers, setting and audience, I locked myself in my dimly lit studio and created a variety of music, using virtual instruments, that is, samples and synthesizers. You can hear drum ensembles, all kinds of keyboards, woodwinds and percussion, along with sounds of nature. 

As with the live Quarry Dances, the choreography was created first and the music in response. For musicians and others interested in such things, there was no click track or sequencing used except a drum loop on one of the fourteen segments. I'll leave it to you to guess which one...

Hundreds attended the online premiere and Q&A sessions a month ago, but for those who were unable – and those who want to enjoy the work again – as of today the entire 34 minute dance is available for viewing at your pleasure.

As always, I thank Dusan, Alex, Jessie, Liz and Gary, and this year for the first time, Anders, for their extraordinary work. And I give special thanks for the opportunity to Windhover Executive Director Lisa Hahn, who carries on her late mother Ina Hahn's vision of Quarry Dance and Windhover.

And it's FREE

Quarry Dance is produced by the Windhover Performing Arts Center

Quarry Dance composer with pandemic beard (right)

Quarry Dance IX trailer (below)