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Dennis Warren's Full Metal Revolutionary Ensemble
Watch Out!  (AC-5017, released 1996)

Dennis Warren's Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble is one of the venerable jazz groups of Boston. Together since 1987, the band is rooted in musical partnerships that date back to 1971.

Although the group has been self-issueing cassettes and one CD over the years (a number of which have been reveiwed in major music magazines),"Watch Out!" is their first commercially released recording, and their most varied and accessible effort to date.

Along with Boston native Warren, the key member of the FMRJE is composer/ trumpeter Raphe Malik. Malik is a veteran of avant-garde piano giant Cecil Taylor's band, and played on a number of Taylor's significant 1970's recordings, including the half-million selling "Dark to Themselves."

Malik's compositions, reflecting the jazz tradition from gutbucket blues to Miles Davis modalism, to Cecil Taylor energy music, form the majority of the repertoire. The polyrhythmic drumming of Warren and percussionist Martin Gil provide a roiling, dancing, pounding backdrop for the four-horn frontline, with an acoustic bass/electric guitar string section to tie it all together.

Warren studied with Bill Dixon and Milford Graves at Bennington College, and along with Gil, Malik and alto saxophonist Tony Owens, studied with Cecil Taylor at Antioch College. Bassist Larry Roland has been a steady performer on the Boston/Roxbury jazz scene for over twenty years. Guitarist Tor Yochai Snyder has been working with Warren since they met at Bennington in 1980. Tenor saxophonist Raquib Hassan is a veteran of the Roxbury scene, and flutist Earl Lawrence brings a classical background to the FMRJE.

Personnel: Dennis Warren, Dms, timbalitos; Earl Grant Laurence, flts.; Larry Roland, bs.; Martin Gil, congas, perc.; Raphe Malik, tpt.; Raqib Hassan, ts; Tony Owens, as.; Tor Yochai Snyder, el. gt.

Songs: 1.DC; 2.Adam's Garden Sketch; 3.Kablooey; 4.Mallets; 5.Song for the Resistance; 6.Baptism; 7.Currents