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Vox One
Out There  (AC-5019, released 1996)
Vox One is an a capella quintet of great musical sophistication and engaging, entertaining presence. The group's richly complex original songs and arrangements bring a jazz touch to a variety of musical styles, helping to define the leading edge of a cappella for the '90s. At the same time, their soulful and heartfelt singing cuts through to a broad audience.

Vox One's music combines elements of jazz, gospel, funk, blues and folk. The group's principal arrangers, Paul Stiller, Paul Pampinella and Yumiko Matsuoka-Young, conceive many pieces as if for an instrumental band, using vocal drums, vocal bass lines, textured backgrounds, and scat solos, reminiscent of a jazz fusion or blues band. Other songs are composed in the more traditional a cappella style, yet use tight, lush harmonies and interesting reharmonizations which give familiar folk tunes and jazz standards a new twist.

Members Jodi Jenkins (soprano), Yumiko Matsuoka-Young (alto), Paul Stiller (tenor/vocal drums), Paul Pampinella (baritone) and Benni Chawes (bass, replacing Tom Baskett who sings on the CD), met at Berklee College of Music in Boston, which they all attended. Stiller and Matsuoka are currently on the faculty of Berklee.

"Out There" was given a limited, non-commercial release in late 1995, and won three awards from the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America (CASA): Album of the Year, Best Jazz Song, and Best R&B song. Vox One's discography also includes the debut self-titled CD, released in 1993 on the Melville Park label, which won "Best Album" and "Best Song" from CASA, and "Say You Love Me", 1995, on VAP, a major Japanese label.


Personnel: Paul Stiller, tenor, dms; Jodi Jenkins, soprano; Paul Pampinella, baritone; Tom Baskett, bass.; Yumiko Matsuoka, alto

Songs; 1.Searching for You; 2.Whisper when I Speak; 3.The Eyes of a Jungle; 4.Gone By; 5.Save Me; 6.The Sky is Crying; 7.Say You'll Always Be; 8.That Which you Love; 9.Morning; 10.Out There