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Jazz Mandolin Project
The Jazz Mandolin Project  (AC-5020, released 1996)

Completed by virtuoso bassist Stacy Starkweather and brilliant drummer Gabe Jarrett, the trio plays with a bouyancy and compatability that make the music exciting and accessible.

Masefield and Starkweather have both played in "Bad Hat," a side project with several members of the Burlington band Phish. Starkweather is also a member of Michael Ray's Cosmic Krewe, and a member of Peter Apfelbaum's Hieroglyphic Ensemble in its formative years of the late '70s. Jarrett is the youngest member of the group at 25, yet more than holds his own.Festival in New York. The group's live show is hot hot hot!

In a review of the JMP's appearance at the 1996 Newport Jazz Festival at Saratoga, James Lamperetta writes "The JMP presented an interesting and eclectic set that changed the minds of many about the jazz potential of the mandolin. The mandolin looked much like a toy in the hands of the group's leader and mandolinist Jamie Masefield, but he nonetheless cajoled a pastiche of color and emotion from the instrument. The group performed original compositions with an international flavor, such as 'Mandaneon,' inspired by legendary Argentinian jazz musician Astor Piazzolla. The group's set-closing treatment of Khatchaturian's 'Sabre Dance' was most impressive."

Personnel: Jamie Masefield, Acoustic and elec. mandolin, Charango, tenor banjo; Stacey Starkweather, elec. & acoustic bs, effects, mellotron; Gabriel Jarrett, dr., perc.

Songs: 1. The Country Open, 2. Monkey Blake, 3. Mandoneon, 4. Ballad for Trio, 5. The Opera, 6. Nozani Na, 7. The Gourd, 8. Milestones in the Sunshine, 9. Contois, 10. Lithograph.

Tour De Flux  (AC-5031, released 1999)

The name of the Jazz Mandolin Project says a lot, but not the whole story, about this Burlington VT based trio.


The Jazz Mandolin Project has been touring coast-to-coast for four years developing a unique sound which brings the mandolin into modern jazz and bridges the audience gap between jazz lovers and jam-rock fans.


The group's second CD release documents a one-time-only, special edition of the JMP, recorded immediately after their "Tour de Flux" tour in early 1998. The special edition unites leadre Jamie Masefield with old friend Jon Fishman, drummer from the band Phish, and Chris Dahlgren, a bassist and composer from the downtown NYC scene.


"Tour de Flux" captures the exciting union of three musicians who are deeple involved in bringing improvised music to a new generation of listeners.



Jamie Masefield, Mandolin

Jon Fishman, Drums

Chris Dahlgren, Bass


Songs: 1. Flux, 2. Chapeau, 3. Good N Plenty, 4. Barber's Hint, 5. Boodha, 6. Clip, 7. Nimbus, 8. The Phonenicians.