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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Welcome Home (AC-5033, released 1999)
How do seven guys in Tulsa get this good?
We expect grooves like these, attitude like this, great playing like this, out of jazz/funk bands in New York or Chicago....but Oklahoma? The seven members of the JFJO have been together for five years, barnstorming around the US by van and bringing their own brand of electric jazz-funk-afro-hip hop to an enthusiastic and growing fan base.

"From their Midwestern home base, JFJO has generated a noticeable buzz...[Welcome Home features] hip, multilayered grooves and horn solos...youthful spirit and modern sensibility ...spontaneous jazz and spaced out funk."

-John Janowiak, Down Beat, June 1999

And one more thing: who is Jacob Fred anyway?

The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey:

Kyle Wright: trumpet
Matt Leland: trombone
Brian Haas: Rhodes piano
Dove McHargue: guitar, drums (2)
Reed Mathis: bass
Matthew Edwards: percussion
Sean Layton: drums, percussion: (2), vocals (5)

Lee Clark: turntables (1 & 6)

1. Seven Inch Six (K. Wright; 6:50) Live 9.26.98 2. Muskogee Smalls (B. Haas; 6:04) Live 9.27.98 3. MMW (M. Leland; 7:59) Live 9.26.984. Mountain Scream (R. Mathis; 6:32) Live 9.27.98 5. Stomp (S. Layton; 7:19) Studio 5.4.98 6. Welcome Home (Jacob Fred; 5:14) Live 9.26.98 7. Seventh Greenbelt (K. Wright; 7:56) Live 9.26.98 8. Road To Emmaus (K. Wright; 5:28) Studio 4.20.98