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Boston Art Quintet
The Fax (AC-4601, released 1993)
"The BAQ swings so hard it isn't immediately apparent the band is drummer-less...they create a driving hybrid that nods to Charles Mingus, John Zorn and modern classical music." (Kevin R. Convey, Boston Herald) Recorded at renowned audiophile Mapleshade studio, their debut CD includes Frank Foster's "Simone," Ran Blake's "The Short Life of Barbara Monk," Randy Weston's "Little Niles" and band originals. The BAQ has toured extensively in Spain, nurturing their intuitive ensemble playing. They hold nothing back but always produce music underlined with beauty and elegance.

"The Boston Art Quartet is one of the right bands at the right time to refresh improvisation beyond any narrow definitions of 'the jazz tradition'...[and] one of the emerging ensembles of the '90s repositioning jazz for the next century."

-Howard Mandel, from the liner notes

Personnel: David Reider, fl, a.fl, as; Christopher Washburne, tb, perc; Pedro Sarmiento, pn; Atemu Aton, bs.

Tracks: 1.Simone; 2.The Short life of Barbara Monk; 3.Little Niles; 4.That Was It; 5.The Fax; 6.Loro; 7.Non Posso; 8.Assume; 9.Will O' the Wisp; 10.Hoy