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Caleb Sampson
Mr. Death (AC-5038, released 1999)

Original Soundtrack from the Errol Morris Film "Mr. Death"

This is the gorgeous and haunting soundtrack music from Mr. Death: The Life and Times of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr., the newest film by Errol Morris, director of The This Blue Line, A Brief History of Time (two of the top-grossing documentaries in history) and Fast, Cheap and Out of Control.The music is the last work of the late Caleb Sampson who scored Fast Cheap and was also a member of Accurate recording artists The Alloy Orchestra.

The music has a classical atmosphere, poignant, moving and beautiful.

Here are some of the things critics have been saying about Mr. Death:

Roger Ebert: "The movie is great to look at. It's great to listen to, the music-
Lisa Schwarzbaum (guest reviewer): "Oh it's just amazing!"
Roger: "And finally, two big thumbs up for Errol Morris' brilliant new documentary, 'Mr. Death.'"

NY Daily News: "Fascinating."
The Christian Science Monitor: "The year's best nonfiction movie."
The New Yorker: "Brilliant"
Rolling Stone: "the latest provocation from Errol Morris, whose films...are called documentaries
but whose artistry transcends labels...[with] Mr. Death - a stunning achievement - Morris raises the bar for his craft."

Time Magazine: "Fascinating"Mr. Death has received unanimously great reviews and will be opened across the country in hundreds of movie theaters over the first quarter of 2000. The film will receive major national promotion, and the soundtrack will be credited on the film poster "Soundtrack available from Accurate Records, distributed by DNA." Promo CDs will be included in the press kits going out for the film; promotion for the soundtrack will also include a mailing to NPR stations and college stations.
Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control  
(AC-5027, released 1997)

Original Soundtrack from the film by Errol Morris director of "the thin blue line" and "A Brief History of Time"

"Fast, Cheap & Out of Control" is the latest work from the director of "The Thin Blue Line" and "A Brief History of Time," two of the most successful documentaries in film history.  The new film profiles four men with unusual occupations - lion tamer, robot scientist, topiary gardner, naked African mole-rat photographer, and finds in their attitudes and activities telling themes about the way our world and work is changing as we approach the new millenium. "Mr. Morris...certainly represents the bizarre at its best...This film fits no known category and has been admiringly received as a metaphysical harbinger of the twenty-first century." (Janet Maslin, New York Times).

The music score is perfomed by a chamber ensemble - strings and woodwinds - augmented by accordian and synthesizer.   The music, like the film itself, is both whimsical and profound, thoughtful and passionate. Morris is known for employing unusually creative soundrack music; his previous two films were scored by the noted composer Philip Glass.

Variety, reviewing a preview of "Fast, Cheap & Out of Control" at the Sundance Film Festival, called the music "astonishing."

Tracks: 1.Eternal Future; 2. Lost City of Joba; 3.Elephant Walk; 4.Bear Waltz; 5.Hunt/Chase; 6.Simple Song; 7.Robots Everywhere; 8.Circus in Outer Space; 9.Saber Dance; 10.Sci-Fi; 11.Sisyphus in Retirement; 12.Big Top; 13.Rodney's Birthday; 14.Ostinato; 15.Exultante; 16.Kitty's Waltz; 17.Eternal FutureII