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Emery Davis Quartet
Dante's Blues  (AC-3512, released 1990)

The Quartet's 1990 debut recording swings hard, with fire and soul.

"Davis is a boppish whirlwind recalling the vibrancy of the early Jean-Luc Ponty."
-Chuck Berg, Jazz Times

"It's a pleasure to discover a strong improvising violinist like Emery Davis."
-Carl Baugher, Cadence

Personnel: Emery Davis, evn, vn; Brad Hatfield, pn; Bob Nieske, bs; Matt Wilson, dms; Bevan Manson, pn (4,5,6).

Tracks: 1.Woody's Shoes; 2.Barbara's Affair; 3.Kiva; 4.Habada Hebada; 5.Bullwinkle's Sidekick; 6.Late That Night; 7.Dante's Blues.

Sauce  (AC-3513, released 1994)

Violinist Emery Davis is influenced by jazz horn players as much as by the great jazz violinists, Stephane Grapelli, Claude Williams and Joe Venuti. His modern mainstream writing will be a treat for all who enjoy McCoy Tyner or the late Woody Shaw.

"At once the consummate violinist and the sophisticated jazzer, he pleases both camps as few have, pairing his proficient violin chops with his horn-like phrasing...a joyful improviser and a sure composer." 
-Hollis Taylor, Strings Magazine

Personnel: Emery Davis,; Brad Hatfield, pn, or; Bob Nieske, bs; George Schuller, dms; Mike Rinquist, perc (1,5).

Tracks: 1.To Walk, To Smile; 2.Words With Mr. C; 3.In Collusion; 4.I'll Be Home For Christmas; 5.Sauce; 6.The Center; 7.Bob's Bounce; 8.Coming Home; 9.Very Early.