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Warren Senders & Antigravity
The Music of Warren Senders (AC-4307, released 1992)
"One of the finest pancultural albums...ever." 
-Hank Bordowitz, Jazziz

"Fascinating-a significant assimilation of Hindustani music, American jazz and the percussion of Africa and Latin America." 

-S.I. Clerk, Bombay Daily, India

Personnel: Ramakant Paranjpe, vn; Ajit Soman, bansuri, perc; Atul Keskar, sitar, dilruba; Vijaya Sundaram, g, perc; Warren Senders, bs, perc; Sudhir Parkhi, tabla; Ashish Manchanda, dms.

Tracks: 1.Welcome Home; 2.Friends Everywhere; 3.Ajit's Dream; 4.The Storysinger (Vijaya's Story); 5.Quarks; 6.Three Ragas for Ramakant; 7. Where is Atul?; 8. Life on Planet X; 9. Eponymous.

Boogie For Hanuman  (AC-5018, released 1997)
"...a wonderful example of what "world music" can be when it is driven by imagination and understanding rather than commerce and shallow attempts at feel-good exoticism. Using scales and melodic approaches from India and the robust group momentum of jazz, blending cello and guitar with sitar and bamboo flute, anchoring the intricate, tuneful tabla playing with a well-thumped jazz bass, Antigravity continually surprises the ear with an ensemble sound that is rich and captivating. Special mention must go to Atul Keskar on sitar, Ajit Soman on bansuri (bamboo flute) and Vijaya Sundaram on guitar for exquisite solos. Senders' compositions provide grist for the improvisers' mill and are themselves ingeniously structured, revealing more and more with each listening. Rather than embodying any one tradition, Antigravity takes what it loves from many traditions to fashion a truly specific and appealing identity."
-Tom Storer, Le Jazz (France), volume 6, March 1998

Personnel: Vn.-Ramakant Paranjpe; Bansuri-Ajit Soman; Sitar, Dilruba- Atul Keskar; Gt.-Vijaya Sundaram; Cello-Caroline Dillon; Bs. Warren Senders; Tabla-Rajiv Devasthali; Cymbals-Nikhil Sohoni

Tracks: 1.Boogie for Hanuman; 2. The Mobius Man; 3.This Melody No Verb; 4.Dark House:Midday; 5.Weaving Time; 6.G-Mu-Nu; 7.Ishmael