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Willie Loco Alexander
Persistance of Memory Orchestra
 (AC-1002, released 1993)

"Thelonious Monk meets the Replacements...real basic rock, primal and clever."
-Peter Wolf, Rolling Stone

"A fresh musical stream that defies category...a rare combination
of middle-aged insight and teenage espirit."
-Mark Rowland, Musician Magazine

"Something you don't hear every day: a band who draw heavily from avant jazz,
blues, and Beat poetry but can only be called rock and roll."
-Brett Milano, Boston Phoenix

East Side Main Street Suite (AC-5034, released 1999)
"The East Main Street Suite" reveals a mature yet fresh artist musing on his hometown of Gloucester "Fishtown" Massachusetts in a series of stunning meditations upon life and death, memory and loss. The music is a rich stew with a base of rock'n'roll and elements of jazz, beat poetry, klezmer, samba and electronica mixed in. To say it defies category hardly does justice to the originality and uniqueness of this music.

Willie's vocals and keyboards are accompanied by the Persistence of Memory Orchestra, multi-reed work of Ken Field and Mark Chenevert, and the drums, loops and guitars of co-producer Jim Doherty. Also aboard for two tracks is trumpet legend - and Gloucester native - Herb Pomeroy, whose resume runs from Charlie Parker to Duke Ellington to Benny Golson.