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Alloy Orchestra
New Music for Silent FIlms  (AC-5005, released 1993)

New Music, their 1994 debut CD features music written for Metropolis, the Wind, Sylvester and Aelita, Queen of Mars. And yes, these scores are highly listenable even without the films!


"[Alloy], who played along with Sylvester, earned standing ovations...the music was really spectacular." 

-Geoff Hanson, Telluride Times-Journal

"Music opens our eyes to the power of the silent [films], and it's a pleasure to hear Caleb Sampson and the Alloy Orchestra...[Armed] with exotic varieties of drums, gongs, and chimes, the Alloy Orchestra lashed, banged, and bonged Fritz Lang's Metroplis into a delicious froth."
-Bill Marx, Boston Phoenix

"[The Alloy Orchestra created] an accompanying score [for Sylvester] so rich and remarkable it seemed to reinvent the concept of silent film music." 

-Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

Personnel: Terry Donahue, perc, ac; Caleb Sampson, syn; Ken Winokur, perc; Neil Leonard, sax.

Tracks: 1.Metropolis; 2.Garden Of Earthly Delights; 3.The Clock; 4.Maria's Theme; 5.Escape From The Underground City; 6.Aelita; 7.Life On Mars; 8.The Blue Room; 9.Theme From Sylvester; 10.Cabaret Medley; 11.The Wind; 12. Burundi; 13.False Alarm; 14.Zone Of Silence; 15.Ophelia; 16.Deep Water; 17. Baptism Of Fire.


Silents (AC-5026, released 1997)

"The moment that best captured 1993's Telluride Film Festival came when three musicians from Cambridge, Mass., were creating a percussion thunderstorm during a silent film from Germany, while a real thunderstorm boomed outside."
-Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

This trio's live soundtrack work has been sending waves of shock and delight throughout the film world, emanating from their smashing appearances at the Telluride Film Festival in 1993 and 1994. Since then, the Orchestra has appeared in theaters all over the US and Europe, including Lincoln Center in New York, and you've heard their music on NPR, probably without even knowing it.
Keyboardist Caleb Sampson, and percussionists Ken Winokur and Terry Donahue (of the Concussion Ensemble) employ a broad palette, ranging from orchestral strings and brass, piano, accordian, voice and harpsichord, all the way to tribal and industrial percussion. Alloy's live appearances galvanize audiences: we get plenty of calls and response cards in the wake of their tours.

Personnel: Terry Donahue, perc, ac; Caleb Sampson, syn; Ken Winokur, perc

Films: Plain Crazy, Lost World, Nosferatu, Metropolis, The Unknown

Tracks: 1.Plain Crazy; 2.Into the Amazon; 3.Dinosaur's Revenge; 4.The Couple; 5.The Vampire's Waltz; 6.Lust; 7.Hydra; 8.The Escape; 9.The Coffin; 10.Yoshiwara; 11.Escape from the Underground City; 12.The Chase; 13.Alonzo the Armless; 14.Hands, Men's Hands; 15.Stung Like a Whip; 16.Love Theme.


Slapstick  (AC-5037, released 1999)

"The Alloy Orchestra is fast becoming the country's leading avant-garde interpreter of silent films."

-Neil Strauss, New York Times 1997


The Alloy Orchestra is a three man musical ensemble, writing and performing live accompaniment to classic silent films. Working with an outrageous assemblage of peculiar objects, they thrash and grind soulful music from unlikely sources.


A unusual combination of found percussion and state-of-the-art electronics gives the Orchestra the ability to create any sound imaginable. Utilizing their famous "rack of junk" and electronic synthesizers, the group generates beautiful music in a spectacular variety of styles. They can conjure up an entire symphony or a simple German bar band of the 20's. The group can make the audience think it is being contacted by radio signals from Mars or swept up in the Russian Revolution. While their unusual instrumentation attracts attention, it is their unique sensitivity to the films themselves that makes Alloy performances so emotionally satisfying.


In their third release on Accurate Records, the Alloy Orchestra takes on three classic short comedies from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel and Hardy. This music is a natural for the Alloy's punchy style, utilizing their startling percussive attack and their knack for simple and touching melodies.


Members of the group include: Terry Donahue (percussion, accordion, vocals), Ken Winokur (percussion and clarinet) and new member Roger C. Miller (synthesizer), also known for his work with the legendary punk band Mission of Burma and his solo avant-rock albums.