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Dominique Eade
My Resistance is Low  (AC-3925, released 1995)

This October '95 release finds Eade accompanied by pianist Bruce Barth, drummer Lewis Nash and the incomparable bassist George Mraz.

"Singer Dominique Eade boasts a dark and enveloping alto, a penchant for melodic risks, and the ability to resolve them with assurance and grace. On her impressive second album, she covers obscure gems, writes intriguing originals, and swings ballads into deep, delicious grooves." 

-The New Yorker

"Dominique Eade circumvents the sophomore jinx on her second outing...her choices of sidemen are as right-on as the song selection...Eade is so harmonically skilled, so secure in her interpretations,that she never over-emotes or purveys pseudo-soul."

-Gene Kalbacher, College Media Journal (CMJ)

Personnel: Dominique Eade, v; Bruce Barth, pn; George Mraz, bs; Lewis Nash, dms.

Tracks: 1.Sometime Tonight; 2.The Tender Trap; 3.My Resistance Is Low; 4.You Don't Know What Love Is; 5.Late Autumn Evening; 6.Just Another Blues; 7.Out In The Stars; 8.Avenue A; 9.Not Today; 10.Hit The Road To Dreamland.