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Fire in the Boathouse
Fire in the Boathouse  (AC-5043, released 2000)

"...Fire in the Boathouse are cool and they rock and swing...the best tag for their album may simply be 'damn good music.'"

-Ted Drozdowski, Boston Phoenix

"'Fire in the Boathouse' is the ultimate roots-rock record combining the 'Let it Bleed'-era Stones haze with the melancholic drawl of Neil Young, the dry intellect of Leonard Cohen, and the dark moodswings of Nick Cave, while passing nods to Nick Drake and the infectious songwriting caliber of The Band's 'Music from Big Pink.'

Dave Wildman forsakes [Tom] Verlaine guitar twang for a rolling honky-tonk piano, which he plays with equivalent dexterity and flair. The core of the band-Wildman, guitarist Jerry O'Hare, bassist John Raposa and drummer Mike Aiello-formed shortly after meeting at a benefit concert for the late Alexis Shepard. Multi-instrumentalist Jim Bouchard was addded later, and the lineup was complete. The musicians in this group hail from an impressive list of roots and songwriter bands including The Motherfolkers, Radio Kings, Susan Tedeschi and Meghan Toohey.

The band as a whole sound like they've been swilling back whiskey at the same dive for years, very comfortable and natural in their musical surroundings. Wildman's songs are as sharp as ever, and Fire in the Boathouse seems to be the perfect vehicle to bring these songs the heart and soul they need. Darron Burke's straight ahead production captures these songs as if the band were playing in your living room. Great songs, great music, subtle intrumental passages...who could ask for more on a cold winter afternoon?" -Joel Simches, the Noise

"...the songs on Fire in the Boathouse's debut CD are infectious, well written and above all, different from all the other music currently trying to peep its collective head out the turtle shell we call Boston.Frontman David Wildman has a voice that branches the musical tree of country, roots and southern blues. The guitar melodies of

 Wildman, Jerry O'Hare and Jim Bouchard bless the sound with an irresistible hook that...carves out it sown niche.

Fire in the Boathouse has a chance to stand tall and get recognized for doing what they obviously love, and that's rare in a world of copycats and rip-offs."

-Ja Love, the Weekly Dig