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The So-Called Jazz Sextet
Vermont Ave. (AC-5001, released 1993)
From deep in the woods of Vermont come a hearty band of musical explorers. who infuse the influences of sixties Miles, Steve Lacy, Sun Ra, Herbie Nichols and the Art Ensemble with a lovely sense of tranquility. Surprising skill and intensity, and a crackling arrangement of Leonard Bernstein's "America," from West Side Story.

"A phenomenal disc." 
-Andy Bartlett, Victory Review (Seattle)

Personnel: Michael Chorney, as; Jeremy Harlos, bs; Bill Heminway, tp; Bill Letter, dms; Ray Paczkowski, pn; Justin Perdue, g.

Tracks: 1.Pageant of Steam; 2.Per Caterina; 3.America; 4.Duke's Choice; 5.Golden Anniversary; 6.Mr. Powder Blue; 7.Trio Improvisation; 8.Two Ghosts; 9. Sto Lat.