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"Fresh...very entertaining." –the
"Yes to this one." –Jon Garelick, Boston Globe
"I can't stop listening to Yes! ...stunning female singer with exquisite pitch and time, backed by positively masterful players who bring their own musicality and sensibility to every phrase. Horns, winds, and guitars are soulful and agile without ever veering into acrobatics, while the rhythm section is deep, articulate, and contemplative. Agachiko brings all the technical prowess of Ella Fitzgerald's best collaborations, the power of Nina Simone, the heartsickness of Billie Holiday...The band is unimpeachable, and Gabrielle is in complete control of her own instrument...
     Emotional renderings that leave you wiser and more openhearted for having listened to them. Technically brilliant. And also deeply true." 
–L Gildart, customer review,

Gabrielle Agachiko: voice
Scott Getchell: trumpet
Ken Field: flute
Russ Gershon: tenor saxophone
Sam Davis: guitar
Blake Newman: bass
Phil Neighbors: drums