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Rise Up!  (AC-1003, released 1994)
Large rock band from downtown NYC, fronted by composer/vocalist Kitty Brazelton, whose voice ranges from a full, sweet pop sound to extended techniques and rap. Drums, bass and guitar are augmented by harp, cello, trombone, french horn and alto sax; the music takes advantage of the rocking power of the rhythm section, the orchestral capabilities of the full ensemble and the adventurous, improvisational spirit of all involved.

"This could be the debut of the year." Boston Phoenix

"...Blends boisterous rock, classical lyricism, and jazz spontaneity with myriad rhythms and counter melodies." 

-The Cleveland Free Times

"Never less than compelling." 

-Boston Herald

"Rise Up takes you to exotic and wonderful places, and, somehow,
when you arrive you're in your own backyard." 

-The Splatter Effect