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Henry Cook
Dimensional Odyssey  (AC-5012, released 1995)
"Synergy drives this long-lived, joyous band to heights of loose creativity and panache seldom attained by post-bop quintets...the unit plays fresh varied originals, with brilliant nods to Herbie Nichols and Ellington. Linchpin drummer Bobby Ward [is] dynamic and charismatic as Roy Haynes."
-Fred Bouchard, CD Review

"...a world-class band, a marvelously cohesive group that touches all bases to produce a sound that is strictly its own."
-Chris Albertson, Stereo Review

"Drummer Bobby Ward is a true living legend. Ward is part of the Boston modern drum continuum that includes Roy Haynes, Alan Dawson, Tony Williams and Clifford Jarvis, yet he has remained a well-kept secret. A polyrhythmic marvel behind the traps, Ward has also begun writing lately."
-Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe

Winner-Boston Music Award (1995): Best Jazz Album on an Indie Label

Personnel: Henry Cook, s, fl; Cecil Brooks, tp; Jacques Chanier, pn; Brian McCree, bs; Bobby Ward, dms.

Tracks: 1.Arabesque; 2.Echoes of Nichols; 3.Prayer for Bosnia; 4.Appointment in London; 5.Sequences of the Duke; 6.Mind's Eye; 7.Dimensional O.D.C.

Live at Montreux Detroit  (AC-5036, released 1998)
Saxophonist-Flutist Henry Cook and drummer Bobby Ward are two mainstays of the Roxbury/Boston jazz scene. First united in the Billy Skinner Double Jazz Quartet in the 80s , their partnership yielded a previous Accurate release, "Dimensional Odyssey" in 1994 (like "Kosen Rufu," the winner of a Boston Music Award), along with participation in Salim Washington's "Love in Exile" in 1998. Here they deliver a scorching live set.

"It's hard to overstate the amount of excitement, energy, originality and depth that the Cook/Ward sextet brings to this set...Ward (is) one of the great unsung heroes of jazz drumming..."
-All Music Guide, Jan 2000

"They went to Detroit ready to play and the audience dug it! Mingus would have enjoyed how they risk bursting the seams of "Fables of Faubus". Cook (is) a reckonable force on both E-flat reeds. This band sounds like no other!"
-Jazz Times, June 2000

"The Henry Cook Band (is) absolutely tearing it up on this live recording...truly new and exciting...artful, creative and good music...leaves the listener wanting much, much more."
-Jazz Weekly, Mar 7, 2000