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Don Houge
The Eternal Now  (AC-5015, released 2007)
Don Houge (pronounced HOW-ghee) has a big, warm, enveloping sound on tenor and soprano saxes, inspired by Trane and Sonny and Getz, and never forgets that music is a deeply sensual experience. His Accurate debut finds him with a band to match. "The Eternal Now" features acoustic jazz (plus Stratocaster), accent on the groove, from Afro 6/8, to James Brown funk, to Steely Dan-esque latin rock.

Guitarist Kevin Barry, a rising star on the New England blues scene (w/Mighty Sam McClain, Bruce Katz and others), proves his jazz mettle without sacrificing his visceral, passionate blues/country sound. Pianist Consuelo Candelaria has full, McCoy Tynerish approach, and rock solid acoustic bassist Michael Rivard has long been a pillar of the Boston scene, touring and recording with The Story, The Courage Brothers, Natraj and back in the '80's, with the Either/Orchestra. Drummer Jay Bellrose, known for his work with Paula Cole and Talking to Animals, lays it down in ways that a conventional jazz drummer wouldn't.

The album is comprised of Houge originals plus "Mopti," a joyous tune by the late Don Cherry.

"The Eternal Now" will satisfy fans of modern mainstream jazz and fans of sophisticated acoustic pop who are looking for something with a jazzy touch.

Personnel: Don Houge, ts,ss; Consuelo Candelaria, pn; Kevin Barry, gtr; Michael Rivard, bs; Jay
Bellrose, dr.