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David Rothernberg
nobody could explain it  (AC-4004, released 1992)

Composer/philosopher Rothenberg sets clarinet and woodflute against synthesizer and synth drum sounds. The machines are played by hand, not by an electronic pulse, giving the music a distinctly non-synthetic feel. Includes Tibetan wind pieces from the Nyingmapa and Gelugpa Buddhist traditions, folk songs from Scandinavia, Hasidic chants, works inspired by texts from Eskimo shamans and the I Ching, transformed by an exuberant playing style.

"A sense of virtuosity traveling all over the world"
-John Cage

"Colorful sounds, exotic rhythms, flashy clarinet solos...calling Laurie Anderson to mind."
-Tim Page, New York Newsday

"For Rothenberg, the machine is a totally natural extension of human playing."
-Tod Machover

"Hauntingly beautiful music." 

-David Strassman, Parkland Press

Personnel: David Rothenberg, cls, kbs, wind synth, exotic winds, words; Hamid Drake, tabla (14), Tibetan bowls (3,10); Graeme Boone, guitar (4); Dion Sorrell, electric cello (8).

Tracks: 1.We Need Deserts; 2.Thoreau Falls; 3.Se Lo; 4.Awake in Dreams; 5.Song from Rettvik; 6.Nalungiaq; 7.Wind of Design; 8.Nigun of Ladi; 9.The Last Day; 10.Mani; 11.Ras al Khaima; 12.Ellipsis...; 13.Keeping Still; 14.Three Sounds.