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Out to Lunch
Melvin's Rockpile (AC-5058, released 2009)
Living abroad has given me a deep appreciation for my home and native land. The Canadian spirit - a deep commitment to the arts, a celebration of difference, and a dedication to openness and collaboration - resonates throughout this work. 

In fact, Canada's support for artists has been indispensable for the creation of Melvin's Rockpile. With there ideals in mind I have brought together seven distinct musicians to explore and interpret my compositions. As both performer and composer, my role is not to only to add a personal touch, but also to oversee and mould the album as a whole, so that  an authentic voice prevails. To achieve this harmony, I aspire to see the music emanate from a common origin: "experimental funk." Each band member's experiments need to freely exist as individual creations, yet the shared groove causes them to coalesce. I hope this creates a clear and honest voice that is amplified by the spirit though which it was created. 

David Levy

David Levy: Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bansuri Flute, Ableton Live
Evan Smith: Tenor Saxophone
Josiah Woodson: Trumpet, Flute
Eric Lane: Piano, Keyboards
Matt Wigton: Electric and Upright Bass
Fred Kennedy: Drums
Gio: Vocals (On Track 9)

1. Song for the Solstice
2. Little Neddie Nickers
3. To the Queen (For Cyps' Parents)
4. Dr. Dre's bar Mitzvah
5. Skip
6. Sunday in Sausalito
7. The Diminutive Swashbuckler
8. Captain Stilts
9. Black Tea on Francis Street
Excuse Me While I do the Boogaloo
 (AC-5055, released 2007)

Out to Lunch is part of the latest wave of jazz players, for whom the history of grooves from James Brown to techno are part of the improviser's vocabulary, alongside the fundamentals of modern jazz.  Excuse me while I do the boogaloo moves effortlessly between these touchstones and often features an otherworldly sense of texture which takes it to yet another place

“I love this record…the combination of great playing, playful sensibility, complex harmonic and structural thinking, and creative production makes this a fun, mind expanding, danceable trip!” – Jonathan Wyner, Grammy nominated mastering engineer



David Levy: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bansuri Flute

Josiah Woodson: Trumpet, Flute           

Petr Cancura: Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet

Eric Lane: Piano and Keyboards

Matt Wigton: Upright and Electric Bass (tracks 1, 7-12)

Danny Weller Upright and Electic Bass (tracks 2,4,5 & 6)

Kris Smith: Electronic Production


Additional Musicians

Rob Ritchie: Guitar (track 1)

Additional Musicians (continued)

Zack Lober: Bass (track 3)

Aldemar Valentin: 6 String Electric Bass (track 2)

Rachael Price: Vocals (track 12)

Greg Ritchie Drum Samples (track 8)

Brian Adler: Drum Samples (track 10